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Facility Customer Portal



PhoebeLink Facility Client Portal

PhoebeLink enables Phoebe Pharmacy clients with real-time electronic communication for information retrieval and task automation. The facility client portal will allow you to access:

  1. Receive drug quotes from the pharmacy before submitting the order for dispensing
  2. Have a 24/7 link to the pharmacy through a messaging system included in PhoebeLink
  3. Printing of medical records and forms
  4. Access to billing information

The PhoebeLink portal is only accessible to current Phoebe Pharmacy clients. If you are a current client and are having trouble accessing the portal, please call 610-794-5380.

Secure PhoebeFile Login

Phoebe Pharmacy is committed to supporting our customers with 24/7 secure access to information for appropriate persons. Features and documentation assisting health and wellness, billing and, general administration could be accessed through this web page with the intention that they will afford more efficient processes, and more secure and available information for customers, business service partners, staff, residents and their families.

Facility administrators will be granted access to their respective sites with access to:

  1. Ability to upload and download files securely 
  2. Up to date and personalized policies and procedures pertaining to their facility
  3. Access to incident reports

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