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Phoebe Pharmacists Help Vaccinate Homebound Community Members

Phoebe Pharmacists Help Vaccinate Homebound Community Members

Last spring, Phoebe Pharmacy worked with the Lehigh County Office of Aging and Adult Services to help vaccinate homebound individuals. Many of these community members had trouble finding available appointments for the vaccine. Though paramedics working in Allentown were able to assist city residents, they needed help to handle the demand from the surrounding community. The Office of Aging and Adult Services reached out to pharmacists in the general area to help administer the vaccines, and Phoebe Pharmacy was ready to take on the challenge.

Andrea Battler and Stephanie Jamiolkowski were two of the first pharmacists at Phoebe to volunteer, with others joining in soon after. They jumped into action to immunize as many people as possible. They coordinated their visits, mapping each route daily to make between ten to fifteen appointments a day. Each person’s situation and needs were different, and Battler and Jamiolkowski handled every visit with the care and professionalism Phoebe Pharmacy’s clients have come to expect.

The experience was positive for both the pharmacists and the members of the community. At a time when people were isolated in their homes, having a one-on-one connection with a dedicated and knowledgeable health care professional put their minds at ease. Jamiolkowski explains that the experience was “A rewarding connection for me. I enjoyed my time vaccinating and meeting with people in the community.”

Battler also enjoyed the opportunity to connect with people in the community and taking the time to answer questions. She is thankful that “Phoebe had the ability and flexibility to help get people immunized in the community.”

Though the current need for at-home vaccination is lower, Phoebe Pharmacy continues to help the Office of Aging and Adult Services administer vaccines and boosters for homebound individuals when needed. Thanks to their dedicated and professional staff, Phoebe Pharmacy will continue to serve the surrounding community.