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Phoebe Pharmacy Expands Lehigh Valley Location to Serve New Clients

Phoebe Pharmacy Expands Lehigh Valley Location to Serve New Clients

Allentown, PA- April 20, 2018 – Phoebe Pharmacy is a leading provider of comprehensive pharmacy services to 46 communities and facilities across seven Pennsylvania counties and has recently expanded their Allentown location in order to serve more clients in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area.

Cindy Richart, Vice President of Phoebe Pharmacy Operations, says, “We doubled the square footage of our existing building near Fogelsville to increase capacity. We are currently serving 3000 individuals and with the new space we can comfortably accommodate twice that number.”

In 2008, Phoebe Pharmacy was one of the very early adopters in the long term care pharmacy industry to upgrade their technology with an innovative automated packaging system, automating work that had formerly been done by hand. Twenty years since the pharmacy’s founding, they continue to innovate and expand to better serve their growing number of customers.

More healthcare and senior housing communities understand the advantages of utilizing a regional pharmacy provider and recognize the quality service offered by Phoebe Pharmacy. “As we expand we are still aware of our proximity to clients. We keep the delivery range to one hour of driving time or less in order to ensure that we can get to them with stat deliveries and arrive at their location at reasonable times,” Says Richart.

In 2013, the pharmacy opened a satellite location in East Petersburg, Lancaster County. The possibility of further expansion of services may arise in the future if the number of new clients near the edge of current delivery areas increases.

The Allentown location currently employs over 60 staff members: 19 pharmacists, some who serve as management and consultants, 16 technicians, 14 drivers, 3 nurses, and 9 billing and support staff members.

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