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Phoebe Pharmacy Welcomes New Clients

Phoebe Pharmacy Welcomes New Clients

The Phoebe Pharmacy is honored to welcome DePaul Healthcare and Luthercare as our newest, regional partners. Luthercare, a seventy-year-old, faith-based Lutheran organization serves residents and patients located in Lancaster and Lebanon counties, and DePaul Healthcare has eight assisted and long term care facilities in Philadelphia and throughout New Jersey. Both organizations joined the Phoebe family in November of 2018.

The Phoebe Pharmacy will be servicing DePaul Healthcare’s three Philadelphia based communities: Harmony Place, Angela Jane Pavilion, and River’s edge, from our recently opened Montgomery County facility in Colmar.

Our Lancaster based pharmacy will serve all of Luthercare’s communities including: Luther Acres, Muhlenberg Lodge, St Johns Herr Estate, Spang Crest skilled nursing, and Spang Crest personal care.

Phoebe Pharmacy clients DePaul Healthcare and Luthercare’s medical staff use our highly credentialed and experienced dispensing pharmacists to fulfill hour-to-hour medication needs and work in partnership with our pharmaceutical consultation team to comprehensively review resident treatments and relevant data using their advanced geriatric and analytical expertise.

The Phoebe Pharmacy team recognizes the awesome privilege of being chosen as a pharmaceutical provider for seniors in these deeply, rooted communities. We look forward to serving both organizations with our personalized care and ongoing innovation.